Book Review: Your Brain on Music- The cognitive effects of Music Education on the Brain – by Laura L Saunders

Your Brain on Music: The Cognitive Benefits of Music Education

Your Brain on Music: The Cognitive Benefits of Music Education by Laura Saunders

This book’s main focus is to promote music education in public schools. Among the many benefits of music education listed throughout this book are:
Greater attention span
Increased ability in geometrical skills
Improved performance in mathematical problem solving
heigthened fluency in reading
Greater short term memory
Greater long term memory
Increased brain plasticity
Increased use-dependent structural brain changes
Higher IQ
Increased Myelin coated nerves (Indicating mastery and motor memory and providing quicker transmission of neurological messages)
A heightened sense of spatial relationships
Increased complex reasoning skills
Increased sound discernment (Necessary for language acquisition)
Improved language skills
Improved tracking skills (reading)
Increased vocabulary and verbal memory
Improved phonological processing
Improved emotional control and expression (decreased anxiety)
Increased concentration and focus
Improved Teamwork
Improved communication skills
Improved social skills
Improved self-confidence
Improved creativity

Each item on this list is presented with adequate research and literature review to support its argument. I think every single educator and sound healer should read this book as it is small but packed with logically presented research to support music in schools, but also the research supports sound healing. The benefits of music are many. Science is slow to accept this evidence and the public school systems are suffering. If you are an advocate for the arts, this book is a must-have addition to your arsenal. While this is not the typical book I would recommend for sound healers and researchers, the cognitive benefits of music presented in this book provide an invaluable reference for sound healers and music therapists alike. I recommend this book simply for the research value. It is packed with useful reference information.

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