Sonic Tonic: Original Nature by Chrisna Karast

Fellow Hawaiian music producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist and sound healer, Chrisna Karast brings us today’s Sonic Tonic: Orignal Nature. It us a dub-alicious complete sonic journey. I can tell by his music, his path paralells my own, compelled to embrace modern and ancient sound, he weaves together a sonic fusion that facilitates a delicious sound journey.

Polishing my Internal Clarity and Sharpening my Intention with the 
Sword of Sonic Alchemy. May ALL Beings Have Peace.  
In questing for the True Self, the false falls away. Awaken to the Mystery in this Life. Who Am I? What Am I? Questions that Liberate. Beyond the Layers, that which remains is the Real, Unspeakable, Wonderous and Simple, Original Nature. Shared by All. 
The music here is an electronic music journey through many planes of introspection, movement and Buddhic display. Each track a realm of unique expression. Along the way various styles of music are the building blocks. Using geometrically sound 432 tunings, crystal bowls, ethnic instruments, prayers, chants, birds, and guitars. Combined with lots of synths and samples. Psy chilly, Bassy, tribally, techy, and gypsyy. 😉 

Appropriate for moving mediation, sonic meditation, and various forms of ecstatic and conscious dance. Enjoy the journey!

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