Can Sound Alter Blood Cells?

According to Olivea Dewhurst-Maddock, in “The Book of Sound Therapy,” Research shows that sound vibrations can alter the color and shape of blood cells. Different frequencies cause various reactions, for example, a “C” Note caused the cell to elongate (bacillus) whereas “E” note caused made them spherical (cocci). The note “A” turned red cells into pink ones.

The Author did not cite her information and quick internet search didnt reveal anything to back it up, so I am unclear on validity of this information, but I will continue looking and report back.

While searching, however, I did come across this article from MIT, published in 2008, where researchers measured the frequencies of red blood cells and used those frequencies to determine the health of the cells.

In this article, also from MIT, researchers in 2015 used an acoustic device to find cancer cells.

In this article, from Web MD, researchers used the sound of melanin to detect cancerous cells.

In this article, researchers use sound waves to diagnose blood related disorders.

So, I cannot at this time verify the validity of this information, but now I am on a mission. If you asks me, it all makes sense, everything is sound, everything vibrates. We have learned of resonance and entrainment and we understand the mechanisms, of forced entrainment. It goes to follow then, that we should be able to alter blood cells with sound. We have leanred of its power to alter the chemistry of our organism, why would this not also apply to our cells, its simply the microscopic level of the same thing.

What do you think? Having spent the past month reviewing the power of sound and understanding how it can impact us at the cellular level, are you convinced? Do you think sound can be used as an instrument to heal? I would love to hear from you!

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