Personal Power and Breath Awareness

This month, I have introduced a few breath awareness exercises. All of this is to prepare us for next month as we begin exploring the voice as a healing instrument. Yogis believe that breath awareness is the first step to transformation when we are able to control the breath, we are able to control the mind and emotions.

While respiration is involuntary, and the body naturally does what it needs to do, we have learned to control it in order to control our emotions. This is often unconscious as we try to hold in a feeling or stuff our anger, we do so by controlling the breath. When in the middle of an emotionally charged event, we either allow the emotions to control us or we unknowingly allow the mind to control the breath, when we constrict our breathing in order to hold in our true thoughts and emotions. Over a lifetime, these constrictions become habitual, natural reactions to holding ourselves in.

When we become conscious again of our breathing, we can more easily ride the tide of emotionally charged situations.

Take notice of how we use the breath to control the voice. Pay attention to emotionally charged situations, particularly when you feel the need to control yourself. Notice how you control your breath, Does it stop in your throat? Does it constrinct in your chest, before reaching the belly? Now that it has your attention, try consciously breathing deeply, allow the full sensation of the emotion to flood you, really feel the breath fill each cell, allow the emotion to flow over you.

The next step is the most important part, when you exhale, allow the feeling to go with the breath. Make an audible exhale and feel the sensation of emptiness as you exhale. Let it all go. We often forget this critical step, the exhale. Rather than exhale, we hold the breath and we latch on to these passing emotions, rather than to feel them completely and let them go.

This is the root of a mindfulness practice. Breath awareness truly changed my life. Whenever I feel myself latching onto an emotionally charged situation, I bring my attention to my breathing. This simple act of paying attention to my breath and remembering to breathe completely, all the way up to and especially including the exhale somehow flips a switch. The instant my mind is charged with the task of taking a whole belly breath and complete emptying exhale, the emotional charge is gone. This is the power position, the moment of control. This simple awareness changed my life!

Once we regain our power, we can engage our voice and our creative faculties to manifest a different world. Breath awareness is the first step. Now that you are empowered, what will you do with your voice? Later today, I will post a voice releasing exercise, designed to help you discover your voice. Next week and through the next month, we will explore the voice as a powerful healing instrument. I hope you will join me in this journey.

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