Book Review: Tao of Music

Tao of Music, Experiencing Life as Music by Bodhi Setchko

Bodhi’s music is inspiring and healing. I had high expectations for this book. It was a quick little read, finished in one evening, unfortunately, there was nothing new in this book that hasn’t already been covered by many sound healing pioneers. This book touches on the spirituality of music, the ability to cross over into different worlds by riding on the waves of sound. It sounds much more inspirational than it is. While everything in the book echoes my own belief, it is more of an artistic endeavor than an exploration into the experience of life as music. It lacks scientific evidence to back up its claims and is barely touches on the many aspects of sound as a doorway into the spiritual realms. I had high hopes for this work. Some may find the beautifully written book appealing but it does not appease the skeptic or scientific thinker in any way. I recommend this book for artsy types, right-brained thinkers who are looking for inspiration to steer them towards sound as a spiritual vehicle. Those left-brained, skeptics will find nothing useful here. Recommended for those looking for an artsy inspirational book about sound as a road to spirituality, this book is not recommended for those interested in sound healing research, sound science or other left-brained thinkers

Tao of Music: Experiencing Life as Music by Bodhi Setchko

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