Voice-Release Exercise

This month I have introduced you to several breath awareness exercises. When we remember to focus on the source of life, prana, we find empowerment in the instant just before we speak or act.

Many of us have been suppressing ourselves for so long, we may not even know what our true voice sounds like anymore. Of course, I don’t mean this literally, but next month, we will learn how we can “read” people by paying attention to their vocal qualities. This exercise aims at helping us dig deep to find the voice from our core-being.

Voice Release Exercise

If you are familiar with child's pose, beigin in this position. Kneel on the floor and folkd your body over your lap, essentially squishing all of your internal organs. Condesnse yourself in a tight ball. constricting your vocal organs in the chest. Hold this position for a moment and take a breath here, feeling how it feels to breathe into this constricting manner.
Now, simultaneously, expand your body by sitting up and taking a deep breath. Do this quickly and vigorously, inhale deeply and expand. When you exhale while release your voice in a powerful "Ugh" or "Ah" sound, whichever feels most natural. a deep sound from the root of your belly. 

Repeat this exercise up to ten times, each time reaching deeper into your core to find your voice and each time releasing it more powerfully.

If you are following along with the exercises each month, you may find it beneficial to record your voice today and as we progress through the month, to hear if your voice changes as you begin to practice toning. It is also a good idea to keep a voice journal, making note of things such as pitch, timbre, clarity, etc as the month progresses, to see if the exercises change your vocal qualities. Like physical exercise, toning allows us to strengthen our vocal cords and diaphragm, giving our voice clarity.

Next week, we continue our journey into finding our true voices. Empowered voices are powerful instruments of healing and creativity. Please join me as we explore our voice as an instrument of sonic healing and empowerment.

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