Sonic Geometry

This is a powerfully informational video that actually made me cry with recognition the first time I watched it. I have been on a journey down this sonic journey for some time now, this video somehow gave me an innate sense of confirmation that my journey is the right one, and I should continue spreading the word about the power of sound.

Those that are skeptical, may find this to be a little conspiratorial. For me, this video confirmed my sonic journey and ushered me forward to explore farther.

In the past few years, I have found myself turning from skeptic to believer. The experiences I have had utilizing frequency have been profound and life-altering.

I have been able to release trauma and emotional baggage and find my own voice. Interstingly, my numerology is consistetnt with this being the year of finding my voice. The layers of synchronicity lining up in my life at the moment are nothing short of miraculous.

This video made me cry because it confirmed for me that my mission is to spread the word about sound healing. These have all been personal choices made up of thousands of little decisions. Every interest in my life, Every decision, hobby, book on my shelf aligns me to this position. Every pain, every hurt, every broken heart and rock bottom has led me here.

Yet, the math, the astrology, it all points to this as my path, to tell this story, to speak this truth. This video somehow tied it all together for me in a very profound way.

Please, watch with an open mind. It is just over 30 minutes long. Please watch in its entirety in order to experience the frequencies. This way, even if you are skeptical of the words, you will still experience the benefits of the music and frequencies in the background.

As the commentary ends, please continue watching it. Allow the music to fill you. If the “Psychedelic imagery” at the end is too much, just close your eyes and experience the frequencies.

These are the same frequencies we use at our sonic mediation events. Next week, we make our debut on the beautiful north shore of Hawaii.

If you tend toward the skeptical, please just watch with an open mind and feel the music. Note how you feel at the end of the video. How does the music make you feel? What could a regular dose of this do for your body?

I previously posted about the effects of sound on the water of the body. As you listen to the music, and watch the geometrical shapes form and dissolve, imagine the chemistry of the body, we are made of water and crystals.

Also notice the cultures noted in this video and the sounds and understand why more and more of these sounds are becoming popular in world music. The world is waking up. Sound can be your magic carpet ride into the next level of consciousness.

Even if you think this is nonsense, please spend 30 minutes watching this video and experience the powerful sounds. This is loving self-care, this is Sonic Catharsis.

Lots of Love and Light

Sonic Sophia

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