Sonic Tonic: Shaman’s Way by Soulfood

When I first began my journey into discovering music for healing, I found my way to bandcamp. What an excellent site for finding new music. It also gives you the ability to support the artists directly, rather than through a label or distributor. I love this concept, because artists get more of the procedes from their work, then with services like Apple itunes, Amazon and Spotify, where the artist receives only a tiny portion after all the middle men take their cut. If you havent checked it out before, be sure to go and check it out and support some of your favorite artists.

Today, I present Shaman’s Way by Soulfood. I am in love with these soothing sounds. Soulfood deserves much more attention in the dance community than he gets, his rhythms are hypnotic and infectious and a perfect addition to your sonic meditation, ecstatic or conscious dance journey. They also work well for bodywork and yoga flow. Sit back and enjoy the smooth journey!

Shaman’s Way takes the listener on a contemporary journey through the tribal and indigenous cultures of the world. SOULFOOD integrates soulful vocals and chants by Walela’s Rita Coolidge, Ojibwe elder Anakwad and Arapata with tribal percussion by Brent Lewis.  

Deep bass, global chants, hypnotic didgeridoo, native and classical flutes, and memorizing keyboards complete this native journey. SOULFOOD’s DJ Free orchestrates it all with mesmerizing soundscapes.

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