The Outer Om Exercise

This month, we will explore various toning and chanting exercise which will allow us to feel the power of the voice. Ultimately, with the goal of convincing you about the healing power of sound.

This first exercise is one of the most simple, yet it stems from a sacred practice that is potentially centuries old. “Om” is perhaps the oldest and most widely chanted mantras. Without getting into all the symbology contained within this simple mantra. For our purposes today, it is sufficient to know that this simple Mantra is used by Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains as an integral part of their sacred rituals.

“Om” contains silence and every sound within. It is the Alpha and the Omega.

The “Om” Exercise

Take Three deep belly breaths to relax your body. Bring awareness to your breath as you release tension, letting everything go.

Once you are ready, take a nice, full inhale.

As you exhale, tone the “Om” sound in a relaxed tone in your lower register

Listen intently as the M sound resonates deeply in your nose, and in your chest cavity.

Maintain focus on your breath and the vibrations in your body, take note how the sound changes as it moves from your belly to your chest and finally as it vibrates your nose.

Pay attention to the sound, focus on the breath. Release and let go

When complete, breathe in a fresh breath and allow it to travel unbounded. repeat this two more times.

The “Om” exercise – Sonic Catharsis

This is an excellent exercise to use at the beginning of your sound healing practice. Whether you are chanting, singing, toning or playing an instrument. This is an excellent exercise to bring our focus and intention to one of sound healing.

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