The Ultimate Healing Instrument: The Human Voice

The Human voice is the ultimate healing instrument, it can increase self-awareness and heal. Mystics have believed in the power of the voice as a healing instrument for centuries.

“The voice has all the magnetism which an instrument lacks, for voice is nature’s ideal instrument, upon which all other instruments of the world are modeled.”

-Hazrat Inayat Khan

As we approach this topic over the next month, we will learn of the vocal characteristics, whose qualities may be evaluated to determine vocal quality.

In his book, Sound Medicine, Wayne Perry tells us that through listening closely to our voice, and the voice of others, we can glean much information by evaluating these qualities.

  • Timbre – A strong voice has a full, strong and energetic Timbre while the opposite is thin, weak, dull and lifeless
  • Texture– A strong voice has a smooth and resonant texture while a weaker voice will crackle and sound rough or raspy
  • Volume- A healthy voice is well modulated, appropriate and easily adaptable while unhealthy voices may be too soft, too loud and not very adaptable.
  • Enunciation- When evaluating the quality of a voice, we look for a healthy voice to be distinct and clearly articulated while unhealthy voices may be slurred, poorly articulated or have inappropriate emphasis
  • Delivery- A strong, healthy voice will deliver naturally, relaxed and open while unhealthy voices may sound forced, constricted or blocked
  • Flow- A healthy voice will be evenly paced, fully integrated with appropriate dynamics and good resolution while an unhealthy voice is erratic, words may run together, it may start and stop or trail off
  • Attitude/Spirit – Healthy voices are enthusiastic and calm, confident and self-loving while an unhealthy voice exhibits fear, anger, nerves or it can be repressed or repelling.

This month, we learn all about the voice as a healing instrument. As we go through the exercise this month, pay attention to these vocal qualities as we go, Listen to your voice, listen to the voice of your loved ones, can you hear more in their tone and enunciation and delivery than you can in the words alone? Do you recognize how some of these qualities can cue us into the state of mind of someone?

Perry tells is that ongoing awareness of these vocal characteristics, we can improve the quality of our voice, or tune it. In doing so, we are tuning more than just a sound, but we end up tuning the entire being.

Stay with us this month as we explore the healing voice.

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