Discover the Feeling in your Voice

Earlier today, we learned the voice gives us away when our thoughts and words are incongruent. Now I would like to give you an exercise to help you experience this in a different manner:

Toning Exercise

For this exercise, we will Tone using the “A” sound, (long Aye sound)

Think of something that makes you happy, Really feel the feelings of happiness, fill yourself up with them. (To do this correctly, you should be smiling. ) With this joy filling you, tone the “A” sound.

Pay attention to the qualities of your voice, pay attention to the qualities we learned about yesterday, Timbre, Texture, Volume. How does your voice sound when you are happy?

Now try the same vowel sound with another feeling. Immerse yourself with the feeling. Visualize a time you felt that way and bask in the feeling of it. Now tone your “A” sound again and notice the different textures of your voice.

Run through the primary feelings:
Joy, Sadness, Anger, Grief, Hurt, Love

Adopted from Sound Medicine Wayne Perry

Tone your “A” for each of these, how does the tone and texture of your voice change? Is it different from when you recorded yourself talking? Can you distinguish the different tones and textures of feeling better using a vowel or while talking? Have you discovered anything new with this exercise? Tell us about it!

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