The Whole Voice

This month, we explore the voice as a healing instrument. Yesterday, we learned that the voice tells a story, it reveals more about our inner world than the words alone.

In The book of Sound Therapy, Olivea Dewhurst-Maddock says

The voice reflects the mental, emotional and physical condition of a person. It is truly a parable of the soul. In the same way the soul links the personality of the individual to the spiritual unity of the whole, the voice links the smallest wave or particle of energy to the energy of the Universe.

The book of Sound Therapy, Olivea Dewhurst-Maddock

In Sound Medicine, Wayne Perry tells us that fully exploring the voice is a wonderful way to develop self-realization. The voice he tells us gives us essential insights into the well being of the speaker.

The Sound of your voice reflects your personality and overall state of being. It indicates your own unique personal vibration. The voice also reveals your character and expresses your soul’s essenece.

Wayne Perry – Sound Medicine

In his book, Sacred Sounds, Ted Andrews says:

The voice responds instinctively to the energy and condition of the spirit and soul of the individual. It is for this reason that we need to increase awareness of the occult significance of speech.

Sacred Sounds, Ted Andrews

Wayne Perry tells us

The Human Voice is an incredibly powerful yet profoundly sensitive instrument. It has an indelible influence on the meaning and effect of our words and sounds. The voice is the perfect vehicle for mental and emotional expression

Sound Medicine– Wayne Perry

Woah! Let’s revisit that, “The voice is the perfect vehicle for mental and emotional expression” Sonic catharsis is all about emotional expression.

My personal journey into researching the healing power of sound comes from my inability to express myself emotionally. I have found catharsis in dance, and I have found catharsis in music. I have even found catharsis in singing along to songs that speak what my heart needs to say. I have always innately known the power of song, but I have never considered the power of voice before taking this journey into sound healing. This entire month, we will explore this idea more fully.

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