Siren Singing

Yesterday, we revisited breath awareness. Breath awareness is an important aspect of sound healing when using the Voice. Since Sonic Catharsis is all about sound healing and using sound for emotional catharsis, we also explored how vocal textures and tones can give us many clues about a speakers state of emotional being. Breath awareness helps us be more aware of our emotions.

The Siren Vowel Exercise

  • Remember our “A” vowel we used in a previous exercise (long “A” as in “Aye”)
  • Find your the lowest “A” sound you can comfortably create with your voice
  • Tone the “A” sound and slide the sound all the way up to the highest “A” tone you can make without straining.
  • Next, slide the sound back to where you started
  • The entire exercise is done with one breath
  • Repeat with each vowel sound

This exercise was adopted from a vocal warm-up exercise in Sound Medicine by Wayne Perry

Perry says if you run out of breath before finishing the sound, check to make sure you have taken a full belly breath. Next check your speed, are you toning too quickly or forcefully at the start? Or, perhaps you are toning to slowly that you run out of breath. Perry recommends practicing this warm-up daily for five minutes (One vowel per minute)

I always feel like Mathew Bellamy from Muse when I do this exercise. Perry calls this The Siren Vowel exercise because it is reminicent of a siren song. How do you feel about this exercise? Be sure to comment about your experience below.

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