Three Types of Healing Sound

According to Wayne Perry, author of Sound Mddicine, sounds, can be broken down into three categories, based on the intention or intended effect.

Relaxing Sounds – The sounds are calm and soothing, intended to relax the body. Think of singing a baby to sleep in a hushed tone. We instinctively lower our tone and the volume of our voices when we are trying to be comforting to someone.

Releasing Sounds– As the word implies, releasing sounds are intent on clearing and cleansing the body. Think of any sound you make followed by an exclamation point! These sounds release excess energy, be it excitement, fear, or Joy. When our nervous system gets charged up quickly, the excess energy needs somewhere to go. As this energy activates the vocal cords, we raise our voice, you can palpably feel the energy through the voice. Releasing sounds help us expel excess energy.

Regenerative Sounds – As the name implies are regenerative, strengthening and healing. Perry further breaks down regenerative sounds into five more categories:

  • Harmonic Sounds – These according to Perry are the most vibrationally effective of all the sounding techniques. When combined with the other 4 types, the synergy of combining harmonic sounds or overtones with any of the other regenerative sounds will amplify the healing properties.
  • Tuned Sounds – pitched or tuned to support specific body systems. Tunes sounds you may be familiar with include tuning forks, pitch pipes, gongs and other instruments tuned to specific frequencies.
  • Coherent Sounds – Coherent sounds make us feel warm and comfy. They make use feel a sense of trust, safety, gratitude, love, and joy. I think of these as lyrical sounds, uplifting and light-hearted.
  • Encoded Sounds are infused with intention and consciousness. Think of Emoto’s experiments. Think of casting a spell on someone and belief in the power of words infused with intent.
  • Sacred Sounds– Prayers, chants, mantras, and other sacred sounds. These are sounds we make when connecting with our higher power. Any sound can be sacred when encoded with the specific intent to be so.

“Any Sound may be Sacred based upon the intention and consciousness behind it.”

Wayne Perry – Sound Medicine

Perry recommends using releasing sounds to purge first and regenerative sounds to fill that void.

In my experience, this can be a powerfully cathartic process. I like to combine the three of them, later in the month we will revisit this topic, after we have learned about some of the techniques.

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