Body Vibing

This exercise combines the exercises we have learned thus far and is an excellent grounding exercise, using the breath and voice to stimulate cathartic release of pent-up emotional energy. Matt Omo, Author of “love your vibe” recommends performing this exercise at least five minutes each day. Advanced practice is 24 minutes daily, one for each hour.

Otto says to remember this flow of creation into life:


We will see this pattern over and over again in various forms.

Each one Otto says depends on the previous. Restricted breath as we have discovered already discovered, creates a restricted body. We hold our breath when we hold in our emotions or their expression. Frankly, this means we are out of balance. The mind and emotions must be balanced in order for congruent expression of self.

When the breath is flowing, we are open to life, in command of our bodies, minds and emotions. We are free and resiliant. Taking command of the breath means we are present and in control of both mind and emotion. These exercises are designed to bring awareness to the present moment, to be present with ourselves in the body with an open mind. Available to explore any repressed feelings we have neglected or ignored.

  • Start in a safe, comfortable space where you will not be disturbed.
  • Listen to the song of your breath – Bring awareness to your breath, take 3-5 slow, deep belly breaths, exhaling each breath completely

This is an excellent exercise to perform before bed. I like to combine it with abhyanga, an Ayuverdic practice of self massage using warm sesame oil.

  • Gradually, bring your awareness to the body. Using your hands softly caress your skin, slowly. Just be present with your body. If combining with Abhyanga, gently massage the warm oil into your skin. Be present with your own body. Explore each sensation, experience your touch as vibration. How does your skin feel? What sensations are you feeling. Just bask in this as you massage your body lovingly. Admire each part of you, this is a sensual massage, luxurate in each sensation. Start with your feet and work you way all the way up to your scalp. take as much time as you need to really revel in each vibration.
  • As you caress your skin, you may start to move stagnant energy. As you explore your body, memories may emerge with repressed emotion. If an emotion or memory surfaces, remember to breathe and allow the breath to exhale it, thank the feeling for the lesson it brings and exhale fully. Stay with it until the vibration passes, allowing each exhale to move more and more of this old, stagnant energy
  • Repeat this process as you make your way to your scalp, staying focused on the sensations, and returning to the breath, riding the wave of whatever may arise, always remembering this flow:


  • As you continue massaging your body and moving emotions,Exhale, with the sound “Aaaaaahhhhhh” Just allow the body to express what it feels, whatever tensions or emotions. Our focus on the breath ensures the breath is moving and massaging the body, ensure the body is open. This allows us to connect Breath>Body>Voice. Since our mind is focused on the breath and body, we are free to express our true essence. Allow the audible exhale to resonate in your chest, vibrating lose any additional stagnant energy. Try changing your pitch, and volume. Explore the power of your voice. Continue allowing the voice and breath to release all your stress, all your tension, all of your worries and all of your woes.
  • Continue until you feel completely relaxed and free of tension.

I also enjoy this exercise during my evening shower. As I wash each body part, I concentrate on the breath and allow the breath to convert unnecessary tension. I viusalize the stress leaving my body as the soap suds circle around and down the drain.

Always finish your practice with gratitude.

I enjoy toweling off with affirmations, thanking each body part for its part in my vibration. We tend to focus on negativity during the chaos of the day, This is an excellent time to reflect on gratitude and self care.

Otto says the benefits of this exercise include a sense of safety, in your body, allowing for self-regulation of the breath and mind. Regular practice of this exercise can bring a sense of strong inner peace that will help you maintain resilience as you go about the daily chaos and stress of life.

To that, I would add, this exercise is an excellent practice in self-care. I highly recommend devoting 24 minutes to this daily practice of self-love and awareness. The sense of peace and resilience are profound and can boost your self confidence as you learn to appreciate the skin you wear.

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