Preparing the Voice: Resonant Breathing Exercise

Today, we continue to visit the breath as it relates to our voice. Yesterday, we reviewed belly or diaphragmatic breathing as a way to warm-up the voice. Today, we continue to explore the breath, by reviewing a concept Wayne Perry calls Resonant Breathing.

Resonant breathing, Perry tells us is an integrative process that concentrates and amplifies our energy, focuses attention and vocal capacity.

Without proper resonance, we our out of touch with our essence. We experience fear, confusion, and incongruence because we feel separated from our source. Psychologists call this cognitive dissonance, but the dissonance is more than cognitive, it is a basic lack of mind-body harmony. Simply put, we lack a sound mind.

Perry tells us in his book, Sound Medicine, that resonant breathing is an integrative practice that balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This integration balance all of our polarities; active and passive, sympathetic and parasympathetic, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, Ida and Pingala, father and son. This balance helps align us with our souls and helps us feel grounded.

Below is an abbreviated version of the Resonant Breathing exercise as described by Perry:

Resonant Breathing Exercise

  • Sit comfortably and bring awareness to the breath
  • Inhale slowly while focusing your attention to your left foot, imagine drawing your breath in through the left foot and follow it as you feel it fill the left side of your body, all the way up to the left side of the forehead.
  • Hold your breath here for a moment
  • Release it down the same path, down the left side of the body and out the tip of your left foot
  • Repeat this exercise twice for a total of three breaths
  • Now repeat this exercise with the right side of the body (3 times)
  • Now repeat one final time, imagining the breath entering both feet simultaneaoulsy and follow it up both sides of the body.
  • Exhale through both nostrils
  • on the next inhale, bring the breath up through the right foot and right side of the body and exhale through the left
  • Reverse the next breath, in through the left and out through the right side
  • Finally, breathe in through both feet and exhale through both nostrils.

Now we add the resonance part of the exercise:

  • Bring the breath in through both feet, inhale it all the way up to the forehead.
  • Hold it it for a second
  • Exhale using the “A” (long “Aya” vowel sound)
  • Repeat with a second breath, this time, on the exhale, use the vowel sound “EE”
  • Repeat for a total of 7 times, using each vowel sound “Ah,” “Oh,” “OO,” “Uh” using a different vowel on each breath
  • When toning the last vowel sound, “Uh” bring the inhale to the forehead and begin the exhale at the top of your vocal range, ending at the bass range. (Similar to yesterdays Siren Song exercise)
  • Imagine the breath flowing from your third-eye chakra in the center of your forehead.
  • On the exhale imagine this breath filling all of your chakras, ending on the root chakra. Fully exhale.

You will have completed a total of 21 breaths upon finishing. Your body should feel tuned up and grounded. What did you think of this execise, be sure to comment below.

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