Book Review: The 7 Secrets of SOund Healing

The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing by Jonathan Goldman

This tiny little nugget is packed with information, enough to wet your whistle and make you seek more sound healing treasures. This is not the most thorough book, but, it is seriously packed!

Briefly, the Seven Secrets:

1. Everything is Vibration
2. Intent is Powerful
3. We are unique Vibratory Beings
4. Silence is Golden
5. Our Voice is the most healing instrument
6. There are many notes in a scale
7. Sound can Change the World

While the 7 secrets may seem overly simplistic, but Goldman takes a decisive approach to this challenging topic by confining himself to these seven topics. This is not he only text on the subject, this could be seen as a sort of overview of his other texts which get much deeper into each.

If you have been studying sound, sound healing, nothing is going to surprise you here, but this is an excellent, handy little book for anyone who is new or interested I’m teaching the subject will find this a wonderful reference to have on hand.

Excellent and approachable overview of a very complex topic that still remains on the fringe of common knowledge. I recommend this for anyone looking for a gentle introduction to sound healing before committing themselves to the biochem, string theory and music theory. This is an excellent material for sound and vibrational healers. A quick and easy read!

The Updated edition includes free audio downloads

Jonathan Goldman is a Sound Healing Pioneer. I created a playlist of his music great for sonic meditation, ecstatic dance, yoga, and intentional soundscapes. Check it out here: 7 Secrets of Sound Healing

The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing Revised Edition by Jonathan Goldman

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