Releasing Exercise

Yesterday we learned how to ground ourselves with sound. Hopefully, you had a chance to try the grounding exercise and learned how to show yourself some love. Last week we learned there were three types of healing sounds: those that relax, those that release, and those that rejuvenate. Yesterday, we started by relaxing and bringing awareness to the breath. This was a relaxing exercise. We also added release when we added our self-massage and we listened to the sound of our soul as we exhaled our releasing “ahhhh” sound.

Today, I want you to try the same exercise only this time, allow primal sounds on the exhale, Make whatever sound your body desires. It may be another “Aah” or it could be a moan, a squeak or a sigh. Perhaps even let loose a scream if you need to. Whatever you feel, let it out! Howl if you need to!

As you massage yourself tonight with sesame oil. Bring your awareness to the breath. Inhale a deep belly breath and bring your awareness to the body part you are massaging. Ask your body silently what it needs, allow it to be heard, As you exhale, let the body tell you whatever it needs to say. Just be the vessel and speak whatever it has to say. Listen to the song without judgment, you do not need to understand the sound, just vocalize whatever comes and release it and move on to the next. Sing your song, releasing whatever sounds come.

As you vocalize each vibration, allow it to resonate your body allow these vibrations to dislodge whatever is stuck, on the exhale, let it all go. This is Sonic Catharsis! Exhale all your worries and woes!

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