Empowered Words

Earlier we learned how to empower ourselves by focusing on a deep, grounding belly breath. We learned how to release our tension, stress and pent up emotions by connecting with the breath. We learned to remain detached as thoughts and emotions move with the breath, we stay present with them, without naming them, without owning them, without attachment. This allows harmony between body-mind-soul and our heart energy is free to flow into creative expression. When we are flowing freely with life, we remain in control of our thoughts and emotions. We do not react to them. We simply observe and release and on to the next.

Today’s exercise is a mindfulness exercise intent to connect our thoughts with our emotions, which allows us to speak with authenticity and integrity. We do this when we speak from the heart, we speak our authentic truths.

Words express the energy behind our thoughts and emotions. We have already discovered several aspects of the voice which reveal the energy behind our words. We hear the truth in the texture and tones of our speech.

Sometimes, however, we say words without bringing awareness to their power. The law of sympathetic resonance which we have already learned about teaches us that harmonic vibrations attract one another. The inverse also applies, negative energy attracts like energy, this is the basic law of attraction.

When we speak authentically, our voice is clear and strong. When our thoughts, emotions, and words are congruent, we speak our voices reflect the harmony because we are at peace within.

“I will play with you later,” I promise my son I am never fully committed to the idea, I just want to stop this interruption of my work. My words do not reflect my true intentions, This example of inauthentic speech is just one of the many ways we use our words without mindfulness of their power. Words create connections and expectations and vibrations.

When we project our words, we are projecting our intention. When we fail to follow through with that energetic connection to someone, we find oursleves burdoned by unfulfilled commitments and broken promises.

Worse still, we bite our tongues for the greater good ourselves and We stuff our true thoughts and feelings somewhere in the belly and hold our breath so we can’t feel them.

Not only do we stuff our feelings and project energetic commitments we don’t intend to keep, but we also speak in metaphors without being mindful to the power of our words.

As I sit her rubbing my sore neck and flaring sciatic nerve, I recognize this power in full fashion. I begin to reflect on the many times I told one of the kids “you are a pain in my neck,” or “quit being a pain in the rear” I cannot help but laugh as the Law of attraction shows me just how willingingly the Universe actually responsds to my words.

Words have more power than we think. As we have discovered, we are wired for sound. From our skin to our internal organs, each cell of our being, anxiously awaiting your next command. When we speak, not only do we pick up the auditory external vibrations created when the vocal cords vibrate. We also pick up on the internal resonance of the sound.

As we discovered with Emoto’s water experiments, intention creates the energy behind the thoughts, words, and actions. When we have a powerful thought and back it up with a powerful intention, such as to hurt someone else’s feelings, that intention creates power behind the words. As we expel our words, they travel the path of the breath and creating vibrations all along the way. If your intention was hurtful, this vibration resonates every cell of your being as mechanical energy. In other words, you have to feel whatever it is you intend to project, in order to project it.

Once we project that emotionally charged energy with our breath, words, and intention, The Powerful Law of Attraction responds in kind. We end up attracting a sympathetic frequency, meaning we reap what we sow.

When we control our breathing, we have time to let the tides of our thoughts and emotions subside before acting. We begin acting authentically rather than reacting to transitory thoughts and feelings. We are in control of our words and actions.

For the next twenty four hours try to be more mindful of your words. Breathe with awareness and allow thoughts and feelings to move about with out attachment. When you do this successfully, you will be cool, calm and collected, and 100% in control.

Our words have power. Intention fuels this power and it travels with the breath. Our thoughts, and feelings can over-rule us if we allow them. But when we are balanced, we maintain control of every action and every word. When we are in control of our actions and words we become empowered to speak and act from the art authentically.

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