Empowering Sound


I adapted the image above from the book, love your vibe by Matt Omo.

For the past few days we have been learning how to use the voice to achieve one of three healing purposes; to relax, to release, or to rejuvenate.

On Friday, we learned a grounding exercise that helped to balance our vital energy centers. Reuniting our left and right hemispheres. In doing so, we have balanced our masculine and feminine energies (Yin/Yang, Ida/Pingala, Father/Son, Mind, and Body)

Bringing awareness to the breath we learn to control both mind and emotions. This balances our energy and allows the heart song to flow freely.

When our body, mind and emotions are in alignment we are free to act on our creative impulses. When we are balanced, our energy flows freely from the heart center to our vocal cords and appendages, allowing us to sing our song, dance our dance, act on our sensory impulses without fear.

When we inhale through the left side, and then the right, we balance our energy centers. Now we are empowered to speak our heart song freely. When we inhale through both sides after clearning any blockages, our voice is primed and strong.

Inversely, when we speak or act incongruent from our thoughts or feelings, we feel disconnected. Our energy becomes chaotic as we struggle to maintain control of all the dissonant vibrations.

When we are balanced, we are able to let thoughts come and go without attachment. We allow emotions to flow, unbounded, like water. Everything is in harmony because we observe without attaching, we allow thoughts and feelings to arise, and with our exhale we let them go.

When we are under pressure, we often lean on shallow breathing to prevent the feelings from flowing. This is a mechanism that allows us to flood the muscles with energy in order to fight or flee. However, when we hold on to it without letting it flow out, it becomes stagnant. We become stagnant, stuck at some time in the past, unable to move forward with the flow of life.

Emotions are energy. If you want to see this concept in full figure, watch a three-year-old for an hour or so. At this age, as the solar plexus chakra begins to open, the child is a ball of emotional energy, subject to temper tantrums and emotional outbursts. This is emotional energy in action. However willfuly the child, we are remiss when we discourage the expression of this energy. Rather than teach our children more appropriate outlets such as dance, chant, drumming and other physical expressions, we teach them to hold in that emotional energy. It becomes stagnant. Think of the stench of stagnant water. The longer it remains stagnant the more gunk it begins to collect. By the time we reach maturity, many of us are ripe cesspools of stagnant emotional energy.

Sound Healing gives us a way to move this energy without wading through it. During a sounding exercise, when you feel emotional energy move, just let it move, without trying to label it. When we label it, we tend to attach to it, thus sending us back into the cesspool again. When we maintain focus on the breath instead, the emotional energy is free to flow.

When our energy flows freely, the body resonates with regenerative vibrations.

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