Basic Humming Exercise

This month, we have been learning the power of the Human Voice as a healing instrument. We have already discovered on technique to employ this instrument in a healing fashion. When we tone vowel sounds, we employ internal resonance to get stagnant energy moving.

Today, I am going to share another exercise with you, this time, we are simply going to hum. Humming creates incredible internal resonance and allows us to reach deeply into our energetic bodies.

When I tone vowel sounds, the vowels feel open, air flow moves freely through the diaphragm, and chest without impediment. Humming, however, feels like it goes deeper into the cells. I like to envision humming as deep cleaning. I imagine it vibrating solid organs to shake loose all the energetic clutter.

Basic Humming Exercise

Start by sitting in a comfortable position. (Lotus)
Bring awareness to the breath (diaphragmic breathing)
Take three deep belly breaths, releasing all your tension and stress as you exhale
A Basic Hum sounds like "MMM" (like you just ate something yummy)
You can use "Om" if you are uncomfortable with the "MMM" sound 
Hum in monotone,using the majority of your exhale for the "MMM" s
As you hum, feel the vibrations resonate deep in your body
Notice where the sound originates from
Hum for approximately 5 minutes
Continue noting all the resonance inside the body

I feel humming as regenerative energy and actually prefer to follow this exercise up with vowel toning. To me the vowels feel more expressive. I feel the energy expel upon my exhale when I tone vowels. While humming seems to reach deeper into the space, gathering energy. When I hum, I feel this energy needs somewhere to go, so I tone vowels to expel whatever energy remains.

After humming for 5 minutes and completing a cycle of vowel toning, I sit in silence for a few minutes. When the energy flows freely through our physical, mental and emotional bodies we avail ourselves to connect with spirit. Some of the most profound insights come in the silence that follows healing sound. 

Sit in silence for as long as you feel comfortable We will visit the sound of silence at a later time. For now, take note of any insights that may appear in your awareness. 

Always finish with gratitude. Appreciative of the process and self care. 

This basic Humming exercise was adopted from an exercise in the book, The Humming Effect, by Jonathan and Andi Goldman.

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