The Healing Power of the Voice

This month, we have been exploring the healing power of the human voice. The voice is considered by many to be the most powerful sonic healing instrument of all.

The human voice is powerful, it can evoke emotion it can stimulate mental and physical relaxation, it can even release or expel energy.

To comprehend each of these powers, imagine a mother singing to her colicky infant. Her voice takes on an etheric, angelic quality as she attempts to soothe and calm her child.

When we are angry with someone, we are filled with powerful emotions of anger. This emotion is released from the body, as we raise the voice or yell. Picture a three-year-old child, the ideal vision of a human being led by emotions, now imagine how they use the voice to project what they feel, be it anger, sadness or joy!

Now imagine the power of a favorite ballad. How the powerful emotive quality of the singer’s voice allows us to connect deeply with what they are feeling. This connection elicits similar emotions from our own memories, allowing us to purge pent up emotional energy as we belt along.

The mind generates emotions, essentially energy in motion. Last month we learned how to ride the tide of these emotions by concentrating on the breath, remembering to release the emotions as we exhale, without latching on to them. When we latch on to them, we internalize them, generating powerful vibrations in the cells of our being that either communicate harmony or disharmony, as our emotions dictate. The emotions, if you can imagine, when internalized become chemical messengers flooding our cells with whatever message we send. Last month, we learned to recognize the powerful position breath awareness brings, by creating a space between thought and vocalization.

As with any exercise, this awareness takes practice. We have spent most of our lives giving away this personal power. Sometimes, we forget to exhale and we allow powerful emotions to internalize before we realize we have done so. When we hear the voice raise, this can be a powerful indicator that we have lost control.

This month, we learn how to recognize vocal qualities and how they can be powerful indicators to remind us of our personal power. When we hear our own voice raise, or skip or catch, it can be a second chance to breathe deeply and regain composure.

However, we can also use the voice to produce harmonious sounds that elevate our emotional and mental states and some believe, even connect us with spirit.

We can learn to use the voice to project vocal sounds that create internal vibrations that echo and reverberate in the body cavity, causing the body to heal itself.

Singing is a powerful form of self-expression which allows us to express ourselves creatively. When we sing, we resonate the diaphragm, chest, lungs, throat, mouth, tongue, heart, face and all parts of our internal being. This allows the vibrations to loosen any deeply trapped emotions that were stored by holding on to the breath or not exhaling completely. Singing regularly allows us to resonate deeply, vibrating loose any emotional gunk. Singing naturally creates deep breathing and harmonic sound naturally elevate emotional states. No matter what the mood, it is difficult to stay in a down mood, when you sing.

Spend some time today, flipping through your favorite playlists, especially ones that make you feel good. To put an extra pep in your step, sing along for a while, notice how much lighter you feel after you have done so.

Singing is a natural way to help us cleanse the body. This month we will continue exploring all the ways to use the powerful voice as a healing instrument. Stay tuned!

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