Energetic Alchemy

Over the past few days, we have been learning to bring awareness to the breath. We have learned to concentrate on our breath as it enters and to follow its journey as it floods each cell in the body with oxygen and information.

The full breath coupled with the awareness of it, allows us to be present with ourselves as the emotional energy arises. As we continue to focus on the breath, we receive the energetic waves that arise.

Still focused on the breath, we exhale deeply, allowing the emotions to flood our cells, reveling in the emotion, we allow ourselves to feel deeply into this energy, allowing it to encompass us. If the energy requires sound to allow it to move, we give voice to the energy, allowing for free expression.

As we exhale, “Ahhhhhh” we allow the energy of our thoughts and feelings to continue moving. As we fully expend our cavity full of air, we imagine ourselves purging all that stagnant energy. Without attaching ourselves to any of the thoughts or feelings, we exhale and let it all go.

We also learned how to gently massage the body while we do this, allowing for any old energy to release itself from our being. Just keep breathing deep belly breaths.

Inhale – 2- 3- 4

Hold – 2- 3- 4

Exhale – 2-3-4

Hold – 2-3-4

Allow the energy to move in and out with the natural rhythm of the breath.

This combination of Breath, Body, Thoughts, and emotions makes up your energetic signature, your own frequency. This is the frequency you transmit as you interact with your surroundings. This creates the atmospheric bubble that you live in. This energetic bubble is what attracts your world to you, itis the world you create with your intention, words, and actions.

The entirety of your world is colored through your own experiences. Your thoughts create the energy that you transmit, The Law of Attraction states that we attract whatever energetic signatures we transmit. In essence, our reality is created by the frequencies we transmit. The entire world as we view it is a reflection of our own internal state.

“As Above, So Below”

The internal world we create with our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideals and intentions is reflected to us in the external world. We live in the reality we create.

Breath Awareness reminds us that we are in control of much of our own reality. Regardless of external circumstances, we have control of the breath and therefore, the thoughts and emotions and their expression.

In this image, we can view how our thoughts and feelings when attached to the breath, create the energy behind our feelings and words, this is our energetic signature and is a view of our external reality. External Reality is simply a reflection of this internal state of being. We create our internal reality and it is reflected back to us in the form of our external circumstances. The energetic signature we create is based on our own thoughts and feelings. The Law of Attraction Applied here, shows us that we create our own reality and attract more of the same.

In yesterday’s exercise, I asked you to be mindful of the words you speak, even when used in metaphor. As we learn to control the breath, we realize we have complete control over how we internalize our thoughts and feelings. It is only when we attach ourselves to these internal thoughts and feelings, that we get stuck in them. We reflect negative emotions in our energetic signature and attract more of the same,

The thoughts and feelings come naturally. It is fine to notice them, the secret is to allow the breath to keep the thoughts and feelings moving. Allowing them to flow naturally without attachment prevents them from attaching themselves to our reality. We simply exhale them and let them go.

It is normal to notice these emotions as they stir up old wounds and traumas. But, you are not your thoughts and feelings. It is only when we attach to them that they become our reality. Simply notice their presence, acknowledge them and allow them to keep moving.

The alchemy comes when we learn to transmute this mechanical energy created by our thoughts and feelings into benefical words and actions. This is where the real magic happens. Emotional energy is powerful. When we allow it to control us, we get stuck in the passenger seat of our own lives, reacting to every whim of our emotions. This becomes. a viscious cycle as we project this energy into the world and attract more of the same.

Awareness is the first step. The breathing and toning exercises we practice this month are preparing us for the transmutation of this energy, As we strengthen our breath and concentrate and allow it to feel us, we can feel the power of this energy as it floods our cells. We prime our energy system with the breath and as we exhale, we release whatever does not serve us. When we have a presence of mind and control of the breath, we have time to decide what serves us and what doesn’t. We have the power to exhale it and let it all go, if it is not beneficial, rather than attaching to it and bringing it into our reality.

Keep working on the breathing and toning exercises, practice bringing awareness to the breath. Practice controlling the breath as it moves rhythmically in your body, allowing it to move old energy and energy that is not useful to us. When our voice authentically reflects our inner wishes and desires, we have control over our internal state and the energetic signature we send out into the world. This internal energy ultimately creates our external world.

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