Name Toning Exercise

Earlier today, we learned how our name may carry toxic energy. We learned that fused with the power of negative intent, be it knowingly or not, the people in our lives, infuse our names with negative energy. Eeek. This was an eerie thought for me to ponder as I began reflecting on the way my name could have been associated with negative intent. Over the course of a lifetime, we collect vibrational toxicity through our daily interactions. This particularly applies to our closest relationships, because these are the relationships that are charged with the most energy.

The following Exercise which enables us to release these this negative energy. This shift in frequnecy allows us to shake loose emotional toxicity.

Name Toning Exercise

Part One – Recall

Sit quietly and reflect on any names, nicknames, and derivatives that your family and friends have called you by. Reflect on any hurtful or negative emotions associated with any of these names. Where do these emotions come from? Where did this negative energy arise from? Who said your name in a way that you associate with negative energy? In this exercise, include childhood nicknames, pet names, and even derogatory names that you have been called.

Part Two- Toning

For this part of the exercise, we will tone each name you recalled in part one.

Start with the three deep Belly Breaths

Take your time and tone each syllable, allowing the sound to resonate in your body cavity. As you say sing each syllable of each name, stay with the breath and allow the energy to move in and out, without attaching to any thoughts or feelings that might arise.

Pay attention to your vocal qualities as you tone. Is your tone clear and resonant or does it hang somewhere in your throat or chest? Continue toning the name, while maintaining your focus on the breath and the quality of your sound. With each inhalation, imagine powerful crsytal clear energy entering your body. It radiates from each chakra as it makes a journey through your body. As you exhale, tone each syllable slowly, while visualizing this light removing any toxic sludge from your energetic body.

After completing a minimum of three complete breaths or when you feel your tone is easy and clear and no longer charged with toxicity, you are almost done.

At this point, We are going to tone the name three more times, Each with a deep belly breath. As you inhale, envision taking in fresh, vibrant and joyful energy. When you exhale this time, Imagine yourself infusing your name with this vital force. Tone each syllable, slowly infusing each sound with vital prana as you send your name back into the world with vital prana.

Take one deep breath silently and allow the silence to enter you. Take two more full breaths.

Now repeat the process for each name on your list.

When you feel clear and ready to move on with your day. Take three final belly breaths infused with light, allow the light to flow freely through you, maintaing focus on the breath.

Always finish with gratitude.

Name Toning Exercise –

Wayne Perry, author of Sound Medicine recommends that you recall the negative feelings and emotions associate with this negative energy. He recommonds recalling and re-feeling the entire experience, in order to heal it.

In my experience, however, sound is powerful enough to move the energy without attaching to the charge. The emotions behind these memories are painful enough, without revisiting them. I recommend you maintain focus on the breath and breath through any feeling that arises. I do not feel it is necessary to attach ourselves to it while doing so. Just ride with the breath, and follow it through the body to the exhale. The emotions will flow with the breath.

Try whatever works for you. The important part is that we change the energy associated with our names so that we are no longer weighted down by negative emotional sludge. This is can be a powerful exercise when you put your intention in the right place. Come back and tell me about your experience.

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