What’s in a Name?

A name is a specific sound that identifies and distinguishes us from one another. Our given or first name has a vibrational effect on us because we hear it repeatedly. It causes us to stop and look, or listen more intently. It is our calling sign.

In his book, Sound Medicine, Wayne Perry reminds us that conscious intention is encoded into words when we say them. (remember intention + breath = energy) Where intention goes, energy flows.

When we are children, we are open and receptive. This makes us particularly vulnerable to emotional energy, because we have yet to formulate our walls, we still have our guard down.

Because we are open and receptive and also have a strong personal connection to our name. We are susceptible to any emotional toxicity that can be carried by words, bound by negative intent.

To ponder this idea, consider for a moment how your mother says your name. How about when she is angry?

“Sophia Marie Sonic, get your BLEEPIN, BEEP -de Beep over here”

Besides the fact, that my mother, when angry, strung all my given names together, the was power in her words. I could “hear” the sound of trouble, behind my name.

Having raised three children myself, I recognize, she was not trying to muck-up my energetic body with vibrational toxicity. Most of us are blissfully unaware that words have power. We speak without thinking. We curse one another jokingly without any comprehension that intention encodes power into our words.

Don’t even get me started about high school! Girls can be mean. Imagine all the ways your name was tied to negative energy. Some of us perhaps more than others. The results of angry, threatening, judgmental expressions by others are emotional, vibrational toxicity that becomes energetically tied to our name. This negative energy according to Perry becomes toxic residue.

These are the energetic ties, we often heal shamans and sound healers speak of. Later today, I will post an exercise that can help us release any negative or toxic energy associated with our names. Be sure to come back and check it out.

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