6 Healing Sounds

Monks of Taoist and Shaolin tradition have long held specific sounds in high regard for their powerful healing qualities. Ancient monks observed the behavior, movements, and sounds of animals in order to incorporate these natural behaviors into their martial art practices. While observing animals fight, they noticed each had a particular sound it used while fighting and while nursing itself back to health afterward From these observations, they developed a system of 6 Healing Sounds designed to purge the body of excessive chi or emotional fire that accumulates in the organs as we go about our day.

According to Chi Kung or Qigong principles, diseases arise from the accumulation of negative energy. This accumulation causes imbalance in the biological system of the body, robbing us of harmony and good health. These 6 Healing sounds are designed to help us purge this accumulated energy.

When the sounds are practiced for 15-20 minutes per day, the vibrations activate the body’s own healing response, cleansing the body of toxins and restoring healthy vibrations and harmony.

6 Healing Sounds

When making each sound, focus your concentration on the associated body part.

Sound the SSSS sound while focusing on the lungs. Imagine inhaling the color white. When exhaling sound the SSSS while visualizing your lungs expelling any feelings such as pain, sadness or depression which no longer serve you. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

On your next inhale move your focus to the kidneys, while picturing blue water. Exhale releasing any feelings of fear and insecurity, while sounding HOOOOOO or CHOOOOOOOO

Next move your attention to the gallbladder and liver while envisioning the color green and making the SHHHHHHHHHH sound, releaser all feelings of anger rage and aggression

Next, summon the color red and draw it to your heart. While exhaling emotions of cruelty, arrogance, ego , pride, hatred, impatience while sounding HAAAAAAAA or HAAAAAWWWWW

Next focus on the spleen and envision bright yellow light surrounding your spleen. Exhale worry and other negative emotions while sounding WHOOOOO of GUUUUUUUUUU

Finally, we focus on the triple warmer, the heart, brains and lungs (three energy centers) It is actually recommended to do this one while lying down, looking up with an internal smile, relazing and flattening the abdomen, chest and stomach while sounding Heeeeeeee, this is groudning and balancing to the enture body.

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