Sonic Tonic- The Great Pandora by Malte Marten – Yatao

I love the sound of the handspan, it is such a beautiful instrument with beautiful hypnotic tones and rhythm. It has become quite popular in “pop” music of late, which I always find interesting because the sound instantly transports me to the beach, so it feels misplaced in some of today’s songs. Luckily, I live in Hawaii, the beach is never more than a few miles down the road. If you aren’t as lucky as I, living here in paradise, this is the perfect sonic tonic for you and so appropriate in these dog days of July.

The great Pandora – a journey through our energy centers. Guided by the HandPan “Pandora”, Malte Marten leads his listeners through the 7 chakras before he channels them into deeper levels of meditation. The actual intention and reason, out of which it has been created, was to give people,who hear him busking, the possibility to take his music home. Later on, a more detailed concept developed and now it is suitable for diverse purposes, like yoga asana & pranayama, dancing and more processes of creativity. 

Perfect music for sonic meditation, yoga, moving meditation, conscious and ecstatic dance. I even enjoy listening to this one on my way into work. Rush hour in Hawaii is actually quite maddening, so I need beautiful sounds like this to keep my mind off my frustrations. Also, a lovely little balm for dreary days as the sounds instantly transports you to the ocean. Enjoy your swim.

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