5 Warrior Syllables

5 Warrior Syllables

In Tibet, the 5 sounds sounds of these 5 syllables are known as The Five Warrior Syllables. The practice of these sounds is believed to eliminate negative patterns and energy from the body and mind. Use of these sounds is believed to bring authentic self-expression.

Regular practice is believed to help purge the body and mind of feelings of anger, jealousy, pride, ignorance, and fear, while awakening feelings of joy and enlightenment.

For this exercise, unlike the others we have practiced, we will begin with our attention at the third eye, the space right between your eyebrows.

“A” is pronounced as in the word “Calm” Focus your concentration on the third eye and as you exhale, envision anger leaving your body

“OM” Or “Oum” is sounded to discover our throat chakra. Listen to the power and qualities of your voice, take note if anything feels stuck

“Hung” is pronounced like “Joong” and is felt in the heart chakra.

“Ram” focuses our energy on the Solar Plexus Chakra, in the center of the body. Here we focus on eliminating anger and activating love.

Finally, “DZA” or “DDZZZAAA” is sounded while pressing the tongue against the upper teeth and abruptly releasing the sound “DDDZZZAAAA”

Tantric practitioners describe this practice as an effective way to treat physical ailments and emotional problems.

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