Global Sacred Chant: The power of Harmonic Music

Global Sacred Music is a sacred chanting technique developed in Tibet nearly 600 years ago by the Monks of the Gyume and Gyuto Tantric Colleges.

In his book, Sounds of Healing, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor describes Harmonic Chant:

It was another transformative experience. One of those “Aha!” Moments. I was filled with wonderment, hearing such otherworldy sounds produced not by an entire orchestra of instruments, but by a lone human voice, singing two or more notes in a seemingly impssible simultaneity.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor – Sounds of Healing

This form of singing is known as throat singing or overturning. In his documentary film, Requiem for a Faith, Dr Huston Smith, renowned World Religion expert describes overtoning:

They discovered ways…. of shaping their vocal cavities to resonate overtones to the point where these became audible as distinct tones in their own right. So each lama could sing chords by themselves. The Religious Significance of this phenomenon derives from the fact that overtones awaken numerous fields, sensed without being explicitly heard. They stand in exactly the same relationship to our hearing as the sacred stands to our ordinary mundane lives. Since the object of worship is to shift the sacred from peripheral to focal awareness, the vocal capacity to elevate overtones from subliminal to focal awareness carries symbolic power. For the object of spiritual quest is precisely this: To experience life as replete with overtones that tell of a reality that can be senses but not seen, sensed but not said, heard but not explicit.

Dr. Huston Smith – Requiem for a Faith

Overtones have a multi-leveled impact on mind and body. On the sensory level, overtones represent a rich aural experience that produces strong emotional resonances. On a metaphoric and intangible and infinite force greater than ourselves.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor – Sounds of Healing

Come back later today to hear our sonic tonic, to hear some interesting overtoning.

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