Humming Bee Breath Exercise

Earlier today, I introduced you to the benefits of the Humming Bee Breath. I would be remiss if I told you of the benefits without showing you the technique.

Bhramari Pranayama (The Humming Bee Breath)
This exercise requires approx 15 minutes.

Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Take three deep, belly or diaphragmatic breaths, releasing your tension and stress. Check in with yourself, and take note of how you are feeling.

Choose a mudra for your hands, if you wish, ideally, use your hands to close your ears and cover your eyes.

When you are comfortable and connected with your breath and body, begin humming. Do not strain your voice. Listen to your hum and feel the resonance while encoding it with your healing intention. 
Hum continusoulsy for approx 5 minutes.

After humming, sit quietly for approx 5 minutes, just be mindful of your breath and take note of any sensations or sounds in your mind.

When you are complete, re-connect with your breath. Wiggle your toes and ground yourself.

Adopted from the book, The Humming Effect, by Jonathan and Andi Goldman:

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