Life is made of Rhythm

We have already discovered in our research that everything in life is vibration. Everything is in constant motion. The law of motion is rhythm. Rhythm exists everywhere because everything in life is vibrating in motion and therefore everything has rhythm. The very nature of life is rhythm

Physicians depend upon an examination of the pulse, heartbeat, and respiration to assess the health and wellness of a patient. These are all rhythmic measurements. Rhythm is a sign of life.

We see these signs of life everywhere in our universe, in the rhythm of the rise and fall of the waves, the ebb and flow of the tide, the waxing and waning of the moon, the sunrise and sunset, the changes of the seasons, the movement of the earth around the sun. The entire cosmos is working under the laws of rhythm.

We are serenaded by our mother’s rhythms before we enter the world and we are surrounded by rhythms throughout our entire existence, we walk in rhythm, talk with rhythm, run, dance, eat, sleep and breathe in cyclic rhythms. The whole of the universe is a single mechanism of rhythmic evolutions.

The mechanism of everything we create works on the concept of rhythm. Machines have rhythms, electronics have rhythm. Everywhere we turn, we are surrounded by the rhythms of life. Life is composed of rhythm.

In the Sufi tradition, there are three stages of rhythm, Defined as slow, moderately fast and fast. Every life-wave starts from a central beginning point and emanates itself outward externally in waves. The strength and speed of the wave depends upon the internal source and how many times it was set into motion or struck.

To envision this, imagine tossing a pebble into the ocean. As the pebble hits the water’s surface, it creates ripples of water waves that extend outward from the source, the pebble. As the motion travels the waves become slower and less developed.

The Sufis also categorize two elements of rhythm, mobility and regularity. Mobility is the forward movement and regularity is lateral. When these two movements clash together, they create a third motion, described as chaos. Mobility is gentle, flowing, productive, creative and progressive movement. While regularity is described as supporting, controlling and sustaining. I like to think of this as the axis of movement.

We can see evidence of these three elements the idea of Trimurti-three aspects of God in the Hindu tradition, working as the main principles of life. These archetypes are described as deities, in the form of Brahma, the creator, Vishnu the sustainer and Shiva the destroyer. These three aspects of rhythm work continuously together, creating, decaying and rebirthing life.

Whether we are working, resting, playing or creating, we are in a constant state of motion. Everything in life is rhythm. The body is composed of rhythms, the world is run on rhythms. THrough rhythm, we find medicine for the body. Rhythm is innate in man, all of man’s affairs depend upon rhythm, his successes, and failures depend on rhythm and his health, and wellness.

Rhythm in every guise, be it called a game, play, amusement, poetry or dance, is the very nature of man’s whole constitution. When the entire mechanism of his body is working in rhythm, the beat of the pulse, of the heart, of the head, the circulation of the blood, hunger and thirst, all show rhythm, and it is the breaking of rhythm that is called disease.

Hazrat Inayat Khan – The Mysticism of Sound and Music

And it is rhythm we use to break us of this disease. Stay with this month as we continue to explore the medicine of rhythm.

Source: The Mysticism of Sound and Music, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

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