Sonic Tonic: Arrival by Ecstatic Dance Records

This week, we are exploring the rhythm of flowing.

Isaac Cotec produces and performs under the alias Subaqueous and in the duo Silk Drop. He is an Ableton Certified Trainer, musical director for MUSE Ecstatic Dance in Portland (Oregon), and has performed at a wide range of festivals including Imagine, Sonic Bloom, Mystic Rising, and Oregon Country Fair.

​Peter Weinstein DJs under the alias Baron von Spirit. He co-founded Ecstatic Dance Fairfax (California) and Ecstatic Dance Corvallis (Oregon). Since 2010, he has played for 300+ Ecstatic Dances on the west coast and beyond, including Bali and India

Together, They are Ecstatic Dance Records. Dedicated to supporting DJs, Producers, and Music Lovers quality Ecstatic Dance Music. In the Ecstatic Dance Records community, they break down the rhythms into “phases” and are very similar to the 5 Rhythms of Gabrielle Roth. In this ecstatic dance journey: The phases are Arrival, Buildup, Peak, Cruise, Landing, and Integration.

As described by their website, the arrival phase is “gentle. awakening. graceful. flowy. innocent. stirring. Arrival tracks welcome the community to the space and the dance floor. They help the dancers feel present, safe, and grounded. It’s the potentiality of dance foreplay. Arrival tracks set the container.” These are tracks begin as ambient and downtempo tracks that align well with Gabrielle’s Flowing Rhythm.

These tracks are appropriate for the flowing rhythm, Arrival or opening at an ecstatic dance or conscious dance event. Also excellent music for yoga and body work.

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