Sonic Tonic: Staccato Rhythms

This week we continue our exploration of the sound healing principle of rhythm. Following Gabrielle Roth’s concept of 5 Rhythms, we enter into the masculine rhythmic principle of staccato this week.

Our first sonic tonic this week, of course, features the staccato rhythms of Gabrielle Roth herself as well as the staccato beats she created with her band, the Mirrors.

Staccato means short and these are short and choppy, masculine movements. The energy is much different from the singular, long flowing rhythms of last week.

Many of us feel more oriented to one of the rhythms over the others. I tended to live in staccato and chaos before exploring sound healing, now I have a much more balanced energy, allowing the full expression of all 5 rhythms. How about you, do you have a favorite rhythm? Have we explored your home rhythm yet?

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