Sonic Tonic: Jallalla by Lagartijeando

In this new Wonderwheel release by Lagartijeando I have found a fantastic music journey designed to inspire Celebration. This is an inspired album full of sonic texture and emotion. Hypnotic rhythms transport you on a joyful release. What a fantastic fusion of world beats with electronic melodies reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears and classical Colombian rhythms combine for a. A beautiful journey, you dont want to miss! Conscious dancers and sonic meditators alike will find inspiration in this fabulous sonic journey!

On June 7, Lagartijeando casts a new spell with Jallalla, an ambitious new full length being released on Wonderwheel Recordings. Jallalla is a word used in Bolivia to celebrate something- and it’s a word that strengthens in meaning when more people say it together. Jallalla is an entire life in an album – beginning with what would be the sonic representation of pulling back reeds to discover a new path with the song Villazon-Potosi and its sparse electronic percussion gradually filled in with curiosity-giving winds. Following is joyful charango riff that becomes the base for the track La Frontera, which features the sweet, wispy voice of Minük, the Colombian artist Alejandra Ortiz, known as half of the duo Lulacruza. As the album progresses, it becomes more experimental with electronic elements, sneaking in bits of deep house and dub. The fourth track is called Caña, and is a collaboration with none other than Chancha Via Circuito. It’s minimal and haunting, playing with repetitive bass, chimes, and what sounds like owl sounds. Zundel’s beloved charango sneaks back in via the next track, Adios Potosi, continuing the trek with a sweet melodic mid-album break. On the track A Todo Pai, one that celebrates Latin American identity (a todo pai, un solo maiz, repeats the song), Zundel collaborates with Javier Arce – lead singer of the Costa Rican indie-funk band Cocofunka, whose peculiar and infectious voice adds new layers onto the album. The last few songs are a mix of meditative electronic tracks and life-giving dance-floor ready numbers, all lending to Jallalla being a celebration of life and the various adventures it contains. 

How many of us have become too jaded to feel true joy? I once danced to Joy in a 5Rhythms workshop and it caused me to have a bit of a cathartic meltdown. We were instructed by Master 5Rhythms dance instructor Lucia Horan to dance while feeling joy. I bounced around to the lyrical sound feeling joyful for the first time in many months. Having already spent the earlier part of the week dancing to anger, sadness, and fear, I was feeling buoyant and light and safe to feel joy at last. I danced joyfully, feeling compelled to move in exaggerated exuberant joy. Swept up in the joy, accompanied by the joyous energy of the 20 or so people who co-created this spaced over the week, I gleefully pranced about for the first five minutes or so before getting out of breath. I ran outside to grab some fresh air and as I brought my awareness to my breath, I was overtaken by a flood of tears. Apparently, I had some heaviness yet to purge. Without knowing what I was releasing, I purged for a good ten minutes. Afterwards, I felt even lighter and more joyous. I was no longer exaggerating my joy, but all that purging at given me the lightness and freedom to experience true joy again. Reminiscent of the lighteness of s spring evening as a child chasing butterflies and lightening bugs, and blowing dandelions or sucking on honey suckles, enraptured by the simples pleasures of life.

Lagartijeando creates a joyous journey in this album filled with texture and sound. Dance your joy, The past few weeks have been an arduous dance journey; if you have been following along, we have expressed our heaviness through creative movement. Today, we are free to express lightness. Approach this album with a fresh curiosity, with the ears of a child. Let the music move you into joy, express your joy, expand your joy, be joyous and light!

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