Sonic Tonic: Beyond the Rainforest by Baka Beyond

As we round out our Lyrical Journey this week, I want to introduce you to another favorite artist, Baka Beyond. Another infectious fusion, this time combining African with Celtic sounds that is even capable of transporting you to a Tropical Paradise if you allow it. Speaking of Fusion, have you noticed how often I use this word? Fusion implies a perfect union of two or more into one. Fusion means the whole is more complete than the sum of its parts, or synergy. Synergy is another great work that describes this lyrical sound of Baka Beyond, I don’t think you could remain in a sour mood after listening to these infectious sounds. This collection of modern arrangements of ancient Cameroon rainforest is a beautiful demonstration of what happens when we live together in harmony with each other and with the earth. Harmony, isn’t that what the lyrical rhythm is all about? This music is perfect for dance and meditation.

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