Welcome 2020

Welcome to the New Year and New format for the Sonic Catharsis blog. This year, we look forward to adding new content, more astrology and much, much more music and meditation to the Sonic Catharsis sight. For the past year, I have spent much time focused on sound healing. Along the way, I found a renewed interest in astrology and occult mysticism and I look forward to incorporating my research into the Sonic Catharsis line.

To start off the year, I will explore the astrological energy of the month and how it relates to personal healing. We will explore correspondences in science, humanities, psychology, philosphy and religion. Hopefully by providing a look at the topics through several angles, you can find a healing path that works for you.

I am excited about the change of direction and looking for creative ways to keep Sound a part of the new format. I hope you will stay tuned for all that’s in store in the new year!

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