Author: Sonic Catharsis

Sonic Tonic: The Wave of Bliss by Layne Redmond

Yesterday, I introduced you to the rhythms of famed female drummer Layne Redmond. Today, we continue that journey with Layne with another album entitled: The Wave of Bliss. Enjoy the rhythms and vocals as they transport you from a mind filled with thought to a calm mind and active body. Let the rhythms move you.

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Music Medicine – Exploring Rhythm

In one of my favorite books about sound healing; Music Medicine – Christine Stevens tells us that Rhythm is medicine for the body. Rhythm organizes time and sets the beat allowing all the other musical elements to coexist. Pulse, Tempo and duration (time) are the aspects of rhythm that move music along. Rhythm moves us.

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The Principle of Rhythm- Entrainment

In June, I introduced you to the principles of rhythm and entrainment. For the next two months, we are going to explore these principles much more thoroughly. Have you ever felt in synch with someone? When rhythms line up together in moments of perfect timing we call this synchronicity. We often use this term in

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