Category: Lyrical

Sonic Tonic: Beyond the Rainforest by Baka Beyond

As we round out our Lyrical Journey this week, I want to introduce you to another favorite artist, Baka Beyond. Another infectious fusion, this time combining African with Celtic sounds that is even capable of transporting you to a Tropical Paradise if you allow it. Speaking of Fusion, have you noticed how often I use

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Sonic Tonic: Lyrical

Last month we began exploring the medicine of rhythm. Gabrielle Roth described the 5 Sacred Rhythms in her body of work 5 Rhythms, which we also began exploring last month. This week, after the chaos of merging masculine and feminine rhythms into a chaotic collision, we land in the post-coital afterglow of the lyrical rhythm.

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Sonic Tonic: Order of the Stag by Clann An Drumma

Music medicine comes in many forms and is found in every culture. Rhythm provides the backdrop for each culture to express its own distinct melody. Today’s sonic tonic is a slight departure from what I have been posting so far. Today we explore the distinct sounds of tribal music from Glasgow, Scotland. The unmistakable sound

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