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Book Review: This is your brain on Music

I think Levitin tries to hard to meet the needs of the average reader and the scientist in this book and unfortunately falls slightly short. The science is detailed but interesting, but you have to really want the information to get through the book. I wanted to like this book, I really did, it is a valuable compendium on the scientific basis for sound healing, unfortunately, giving this book a 4 is a stretch.

Book Review: Healing at the Speed of Sound

An approachable read, for any one who loves music. Highly encouraged for all healersand educators; consider the sonic environment in your practice, your schools and hospitals. Must read for all sound healers!

Book Review: The Sound of Healing

I recommend the music CDs for anyone interested in sound healing, particularly anyone interested in Solfeggio Tones and anyone trying to carve out a serene soundscape. However, don’t waste your time with the book. Unless you are a Bible thumper, I find the Biblical references too much to digest in a book purportedly about sound healing.

Book Review: Music and Its Secret Influence

Follow me Music and Its Secret Influence – Throughout the Ages – Cyril Scott Popular Media would never presume to touch the topics that are eloquently presented by Mr. Scott. The simple fact is, music among the other creative arts, has a compelling influence in our lives. While the esoteric traditions of music have been

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Book Review: Self-Transformation through music by Joanne Crandall

Joanne explores music from the usual perspective, vibration , rhythm and pulse, energy and breath, time, melody and tone, structure and form, silence and harmony. But she takes each concept and develops it, while she does not talk of Eastern and esoteric energetic principles in her text, the concepts are layered in the text in a way that brings self discovery and understanding of our own self, our true story and the convergence of our minds and emotions through music which expresses the soul by grounding us to ourselves in our bodies, we connect with spirit and open our wings. This book is an amazing transformational journey!