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What’s in a Name?

A name is a specific sound that identifies and distinguishes us from one another. Our given or first name has a vibrational effect on us because we hear it repeatedly. It causes us to stop and look, or listen more intently. It is our calling sign. In his book, Sound Medicine, Wayne Perry reminds us

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Inside the ear, lies a spiral organ, known as the organ of Corti. This organ is located inside the cochlea of mammals and is the receptor organ for hearing. It contains a highly specialized strip of epithelial cells that allow for the transduction of auditory signals into nerve impulses. Transduction occurs as the vibrations in

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The ear and the Vagus Nerve

The ear is connected to the 10th pair of cranial nerves. Commonly referred to as the Vagus Nerve, it is actually a bundle of nerves and is the longest of the cranial nerves. From the Latin, for “the wanderer,” this bundle of nerves travels the from the brainstem to almost every major organ in the

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