Category: Sonic Catharsis

Energetic Alchemy

Over the past few days, we have been learning to bring awareness to the breath. We have learned to concentrate on our breath as it enters and to follow its journey as it floods each cell in the body with oxygen and information. The full breath coupled with the awareness of it, allows us to

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Empowered Words

Earlier we learned how to empower ourselves by focusing on a deep, grounding belly breath. We learned how to release our tension, stress and pent up emotions by connecting with the breath. We learned to remain detached as thoughts and emotions move with the breath, we stay present with them, without naming them, without owning

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Siren Singing

Breath awareness is an important aspect of sound healing when using the Voice. Since Sonic Catharsis is all about sound healing and using sound for emotional catharsis, we also explored how vocal textures and tones can give us many clues about a speakers state of emotional being. Breath awareness helps us be more aware of our emotions.