Category: Sonic Catharsis

Sonic Geometry

This is a powerfully informational video that actually made me cry with recognition the first time I watched it. I have been on a journey down this sonic journey for some time now, this video somehow gave me an innate sense of confirmation that my journey is the right one, and I should continue spreading

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Tribal Release

Happy Aloha Friday and Summer Solstice from the beautiful island of Hawaii. I am feeling a little braver than usual today, so I have decided to go ahead and release my first DJ set. It is a one-hour tribal Sonic Journey designed to take you through a moving meditation, it starts with lyrical tribal chants

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Sonic Tonic: Shakti Bass by Fractal Force

Today’s sonic tonic is a little less about rhythm and more about emotion. These tracks aim at getting to your feels. This is a great album for both sonic meditation and conscious or ecstatic dance warmup or stillness. This set leans a little more towards the spiritual side, if you are unfamiliar with mantra music,

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