Energetic Alchemy

Over the past few days, we have been learning to bring awareness to the breath. We have learned to concentrate on our breath as it enters and to follow its journey as it floods each cell in the body with oxygen and information. The full breath coupled with the awareness of it, allows us toContinue reading “Energetic Alchemy”

Releasing Exercise

Yesterday we learned how to ground ourselves with sound. Hopefully, you had a chance to try the grounding exercise and learned how to show yourself some love. Last week we learned there were three types of healing sounds: those that relax, those that release, and those that rejuvenate. Yesterday, we started by relaxing and bringingContinue reading “Releasing Exercise”

Sonic Geometry

This is a powerfully informational video that actually made me cry with recognition the first time I watched it. I have been on a journey down this sonic journey for some time now, this video somehow gave me an innate sense of confirmation that my journey is the right one, and I should continue spreadingContinue reading “Sonic Geometry”

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