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6 Healing Sounds

Monks of Taoist and Shaolin tradition have long held specific sounds in high regard for their powerful healing qualities. Ancient monks observed the behavior, movements, and sounds of animals in order to incorporate these natural behaviors into their martial art practices. While observing animals fight, they noticed each had a particular sound it used while

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Personal Power and Breath Awareness

This month, I have introduced a few breath awareness exercises. All of this is to prepare us for next month as we begin exploring the voice as a healing instrument. Yogis believe that breath awareness is the first step to transformation when we are able to control the breath, we are able to control the

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Ujjayi Breath

Prana is Sanskrit meaning Breath, the breath of life, vital energy, life force. Earlier today, I asked you to notice your breath as you go about your day. You should continue noticing your breath, whenever you think of it. This is an excellent way to bring mindfulness to your day. Checking in with your breath

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