Category: Sound Medicine

Life is made of Rhythm

We have already discovered in our research that everything in life is vibration. Everything is in constant motion. The law of motion is rhythm. Rhythm exists everywhere because everything in life is vibrating in motion and therefore everything has rhythm. The very nature of life is rhythm Physicians depend upon an examination of the pulse,

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5 Warrior Syllables

In Tibet, the 5 sounds sounds of these 5 syllables are known as The Five Warrior Syllables. The practice of these sounds is believed to eliminate negative patterns and energy from the body and mind. Use of these sounds is believed to bring authentic self-expression. Regular practice is believed to help purge the body and

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Sonic Geometry

This is a powerfully informational video that actually made me cry with recognition the first time I watched it. I have been on a journey down this sonic journey for some time now, this video somehow gave me an innate sense of confirmation that my journey is the right one, and I should continue spreading

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