Category: Sound Medicine

Voice-Release Exercise

This month I have introduced you to several breath awareness exercises. When we remember to focus on the source of life, prana, we find empowerment in the instant just before we speak or act. Many of us have been suppressing ourselves for so long, we may not even know what our true voice sounds like

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Your Brain on Music

Check out this table below which describes the various ways our brains process music. It’s a common misconception that music is strictly a right-brained activity, as we can see, almost all areas of the brain are involved in processing music. Additionally, musicians and nonmusicians process music differently. Which means playing music creates synapses that cannot

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Tribal Release

Happy Aloha Friday and Summer Solstice from the beautiful island of Hawaii. I am feeling a little braver than usual today, so I have decided to go ahead and release my first DJ set. It is a one-hour tribal Sonic Journey designed to take you through a moving meditation, it starts with lyrical tribal chants

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