Category: The healing voice

Deciphering Vocal Quality

Voice Characteristics Body functions to consider Lacklustre, descending pitch, narrow tone lacking expression Physical and Mental Exhaustion Sad- Sounding Habitually on the verge of tears Respiratory issues (Lung, throat, nose) Angry sounding- no apparent cause Liver, gall bladder, spleen Fearful, anxious, trembling, hesitant Bladder, urinary problems Thick tone, slow, drowsy ariculation Migraine, nausea Exaggerated sing

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6 Healing Sounds

Monks of Taoist and Shaolin tradition have long held specific sounds in high regard for their powerful healing qualities. Ancient monks observed the behavior, movements, and sounds of animals in order to incorporate these natural behaviors into their martial art practices. While observing animals fight, they noticed each had a particular sound it used while

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Chakra Toning Exercise

For today’s exercise, we are going to use the chakras as our focal points. I covered a basic overview of each chakra in my last post. I highly encourage self study if you want to know more. I have found many correlations in between the chakra system and my Western edcucation, but that is another

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