Name Toning Exercise

Earlier today, we learned how our name may carry toxic energy. We learned that fused with the power of negative intent, be it knowingly or not, the people in our lives, infuse our names with negative energy. Eeek. This was an eerie thought for me to ponder as I began reflecting on the way myContinue reading “Name Toning Exercise”

Energetic Alchemy

Over the past few days, we have been learning to bring awareness to the breath. We have learned to concentrate on our breath as it enters and to follow its journey as it floods each cell in the body with oxygen and information. The full breath coupled with the awareness of it, allows us toContinue reading “Energetic Alchemy”

The Healing Power of the Voice

This month, we have been exploring the healing power of the human voice. The voice is considered by many to be the most powerful sonic healing instrument of all. The human voice is powerful, it can evoke emotion it can stimulate mental and physical relaxation, it can even release or expel energy. To comprehend eachContinue reading “The Healing Power of the Voice”

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