Category: The healing voice

Basic Humming Exercise

This month, we have been learning the power of the Human Voice as a healing instrument. We have already discovered on technique to employ this instrument in a healing fashion. When we tone vowel sounds, we employ internal resonance to get stagnant energy moving. Today, I am going to share another exercise with you, this

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Empowered Words

Earlier we learned how to empower ourselves by focusing on a deep, grounding belly breath. We learned how to release our tension, stress and pent up emotions by connecting with the breath. We learned to remain detached as thoughts and emotions move with the breath, we stay present with them, without naming them, without owning

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Empowering Sound

I adapted the image above from the book, love your vibe by Matt Omo. For the past few days we have been learning how to use the voice to achieve one of three healing purposes; to relax, to release, or to rejuvenate. On Friday, we learned a grounding exercise that helped to balance our vital

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