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The Benefits of Singing

Since we are reviewing the healing properties of the voice today, I thought it would be great to post about this research. According to Laura Saunders, author of “Your Brain on Music” singing releases the feel-good endorphins like serotonin which boost mood and reduce stress. Singing for one hour she says, increases immune proteins that

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The Internal Hum Exercise

Last week, we practiced a basic humming exercise, this week, we will practice the internal hum. In order to achieve the appropriate bone conduction and resonance we are looking for in this exercise, we will pay special attention to posture and tongue position. For this exercise, we want to sit with the spine as straight

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Sonic Tonic: Kundalini Kirtan Remixes by The Bhaktas

As we are studying the power of the voice this month, I thought it appropriate to explore some kirtan music this month. Kiirtan is the singing of a mantra aloud while ideating on the Supreme Being. It inculcates the feeling of bliss and prepares the mind for meditation, because in performing it all the motor

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